New Tool: “Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Ourselves”

The South by Southwest Experiment is pleased to offer the first volume of our Living Curriculum Series, “Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Ourselves,” during this year’s Facing Race conference in Dallas, TX, and at key moment for racial justice movements.

  • Recent mid-term elections were characterized by voter suppression throughout the South and other parts of the country. While the Democratic Party lost big, there were both wins and losses for communities organizing for racial justice, including minimum wage hikes across the country.

  • The community of Ferguson, MS continues to organize and mobilize for just policing in communities of color.

  • Over 2 million deportations of immigrants have taken place over the last 8 years, far and away the largest such number of deportations in US history over such a period of time.

  • 10 million families live in poverty. The economic recovery has left out millions of people of color and low-wealth.

The SxSWE Living Curriculum series is designed to be a tool for racially diverse communities and organizations that can help them to better engage in efforts to build partnerships across racial divides. It is the result of several years of work by the SxSWE partners Southern Echo (MS), Southwest Workers’ Union (TX) and SouthWest Organizing Project (NM).

The first volume “Sharing Our Stories Sharing Ourselves” is a practical guide that includes exercises used within the SxSWE partnership and also with dozens of allied organizations that allow participants to share their personal and organizational experiences and histories with others in order to build authentic relationships across race, geography and issue. The specific exercises covered include:

  • Life Road Map: Personal stories towards self- and movement-formation

  • Collages: Artistic expressions of self

  • Collective Timeline: Sharing our history and our resistance

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