Raíces: Using our roots to heal our souls

‘Raíces’ or roots is a word which reflects our indigenous ancestry.  To reclaim our roots is to reclaim our identity and to solidify our existence in the spaces we occupy.  To start our first full day of activities, we engaged with the Raíces curandero healing group in a process of healing our souls in preparation for our accountable governance summit.  We put our hands in front of us and faced the four directions to harvest the positive energy that is radiated around us.  The Accountable Governance Conference is predominantly people of color who come from all over the South and Southwest.  The healing we went through this morning helped us cleanse the trauma we, as people of color, face.  We have begun the healing process from the historical trauma we endured since this nation’s beginning and the trauma that continues to plague us.  In addition, we sought to protect ourselves from the hateful rhetoric that has taken us by storm recently in this country. Our roots and ancestors provide us the strength to make a difference in this world and in our society.  We must not lose hope and we must remember that we are the ones our ancestors prayed for.

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