Program Work

We are moving forward as the South by Southwest Experiment in fearless mutual understanding and respect of each other’s communities, cultures and histories in order to engage in organizing that makes it possible for affected communities to change public policy. Our priorities include:

  • development of an accountable community governance model that brings together grassroots communities and public officials to build fair, just and healthy communities.
  • building capacity in our organizations and communities to engage in the U.S. Census and legislative redistricting, ensuring complete and accurate Census counts and the creation of fair political districts.
  • Creation of a tangible, living curriculum that draws on the cultural and historical relationships between the South and Southwest as well as the accumulated knowledge of the collaborating organizations.
  • Creation and implementation of a youth leadership development program that enables Latino, African American and Native youth to create sustainable and productive relationships with one another, towards the creation of healthier relationships between our communities and future leaders.